The Art Of Saving Money

What is savings? Saving is referred to as economizing, cutting cost, or to rescue someone or something. In terms of personal finance, Saving refers to preserving money for future use. Typically by depositing the money in a bank or storing it up in a piggy bank [in some cases] this is distinct from an investment where there is an element of risk.
The main motion of Savings is coming to terms with the fact that a time will come when you will have needs to meet but will not be earning or have an income. You should therefore use the time when you can make an income to raise funds for the time you have no income.

The real fact is Saving money is never possible without income, so whenever there is an income no matter how small make sure there is a saving. This write-up is not about making money so I won’t be telling you how to make money instead I will be telling you how to save money and also be able to store away more from your life style.
So when is the right time to save? It’s actually now because you have enough money to start saving and also you want to learn how to save that’s why you’re reading this blog post.
The first step to a financial freedom is to Live Within Your Means. As far as possible do not make credit a part of your life, many live 120%- 150% of their earnings i.e borrowing, salary advance, loans etc most times this monies are spent on irrelevant things. As the saying goes, “Cut your cloth according to your Cloth size”, always be content. It is also very important not to spend to please others, because they sincerely don’t care about you, even if they do and you don’t spend your money on them they will only get jealous of what you have spent on.
It’s not what you earn but what you can save that determine your financial success in future. Take the bold step TODAY and take charge of your finances. Take personal responsibility for your finances and stop apportioning blame on small income or expenses that are avoidable
Saving is actually paying yourself. It is arguably the hardest discipline in personal finance management but if your dream is lifelong poverty then generously pay the landlord, taxis, supermarket, school, friends, and please don’t pay yourself (i.e. save)
The best way forward is to start by saving what you can afford, do not be over ambitious. You might start saving a huge amount and give up shortly. The discipline is more valuable than the amount, once you have developed that discipline you can now increase the amount.

When you have been able to discipline yourself then you start to save for a reason, when you save for nothing in particular , you end up spending the savings for nothing in particular. You could save for many reasons for phone, for car, for land, for rent, for house for investment for retirement etc. however you must make sure you save when it makes financial sense. Don’t try to be too ridged or become penny wise pound foolish. For instance a loan investment might be lower than increase in cost of land/house over a period of saving, in such a case do not save for land/house. Take a loan and buy the land/house and repay the loan. This is applicable to other well thought of investments but remember do not live on avoidable credit.
A good step to take is also to close the money leaking tap. Some people fail to save because many avoidable expenses cloud them or they are simply impulse spenders.
Try to put your savings where you can’t touch it, If you do not trust yourself with keeping your savings then put it far from your reach eg open an account do not request for a cheque book or debit card and when its big enough you can put it in a fixed deposit but not with an individual that is way to risky.
Do not forget to have a healthy/reasonable balance in life, why eat once a day at a roadside buka and wear a N500 shirt because you are trying to save and yet your income is about N1m per month? Or why eat three square meal a day at a five star hotel and wear a N30,000 shirt because you earn N1m. To know how much to save you need to be able to strike a reasonable balance.

The best way to save money is not to lose it, consider some of these below and see how much savings u can get eg
• Using energy saving bulbs in your house they use less energy and lasts much longer and produce less heat saving you the extra energy cost from running a fan/Air-conditioner at all time.
• Turn off appliances when not in use this saves you a little amount of money. it only works if you use the digital or prepaid electricity meter in Nigeria
• For long personal calls that are not time bound why don’t you consider off-peak periods?
Plan how much you want to spend before you embark on any spending or expense. Why rent a N1.5m house when you earn N2m??
There are so many more of such unnecessary and wasteful spending check your life style then gradually cut down on them.
Do not necessarily increase your spending after an increase in income make sure you increase your savings and if necessary slightly increase your spending.
A key to your financial success is to make your money work for you, *never say never* a kobo today is worth a naira tomorrow. Make sure you are not a pay cheque away from poverty.
Thanks to Alfred Brian Agaba for Sharing.
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Girl child marriage

Every year, an estimated 14 million girls are married before they turn 18.Robbed of their childhood, denied their rights to health, education and security.
Child marriage is a global problem that cuts across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities. It denies girls their rights to health, to live in security and to choose when and whom they marry. It cuts short girls’ education and traps them, their families and their communities in a cycle of poverty.
Child marriage and child betrothal customs occur in various times and places, whereby children are given in matrimony – before marriageable age as defined by the commentator and often before puberty. Today such customs are fairly widespread in parts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America: in former times it occurred also in Europe. It is frequently associated with arranged marriage. In some cases only one marriage-partner is a child, usually the female, due to importance placed upon female virginity, the perceived inability of women to work for money and to women’s shorter reproductive life relative to men’s. An increase in the advocacy of human rights, whether as women’s rights or as children’s rights, has caused traditions of child marriage to decrease in many areas. In 2011, a non-governmental organization known as The Elders, founded by Nelson Mandela and others, formed Girls Not Brides, a global partnership of more than 190 non-governmental organisations committed to addressing child marriage.
Child marriages may depend upon socio-economic status. The aristocracy of some cultures, as in the European feudal era tended to use child marriage as a method to secure political ties. Families were able to cement political and/or financial ties by having their children marry. The betrothal is considered a binding contract upon the families and the children. The breaking of a betrothal can have serious consequences both for the families and for the betrothed individuals themselves.
Elsewhere, where daughters are considered a liability, it may be poorer people who tend to marry early.
Child marriage is a hot topic in the Arab world at the moment – as the amount of discussion on social media shows.“Child marriage is a form of rape that is not recognised by the legislature. The criminal remains at large while the voice of the victim isn’t heard.”.
It’s commonly believed that forced and child marriage are most common in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt, but there was surprising news recently: Iraq is one of the worst offenders amongst Arab countries. last week. The Iraqi minister of planning and cooperative development, Ali Shukri, said in an interview that “even in Iraq, 11% of women marry before they turn 18. The pregnancy of minors causes important health problems in the country.” For the minister, the solution would be “a UN resolution, in order to control the worldwide rise of the population and to set a minimum age for marriage”. “What does this mean [though]?” a journalist asked him on Facebook. “Should child marriage be subject to Chapter VII for example?”
In Nigeria, recently the parliament decided to vote on a bill which will favour Girl Child Marriage. Why would anyone deny children the joy, antics, plays, stories and dreams of childhood? Let stand up and condemn this act in all forms worldwide.


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