I want you to read this article with an open mind. Dont doubt anything because a lot of people are making money from Nairabet and since its inception in 2009, it has been proving as a means of livelihood for most youths and adults. I would fall into that category of being blessed by the windfall of Nairabet or online soccer betting here in Nigeria. I have written several articles and I would like you search and read from Google: ONLINE SECRETS FOR BEGINNERS. It is a rich article for would be starters of the game and old folks who have lost a lot in the game.
I joined Nairabet in sept 1st 2011 and open as well for my girlfriend. We started doing it as a competition between self to see who will earn more funds from all the bets. Sometime in September 11th 2011 we placed same bets and matches and earn huge sums ranging from 33,000 to 250,000 in each of our account. Come and see flexing and huge change in our development and career life. i move to a better apartment, started my post graduate degree in History & Diplomatic studies and even went to my former station in Gaanda village in Gombi LGA of Adamawa state after my NYSC in 2010.i lodge in a hotel GREEN HOTEL, YOLA where a night is 12,500 and I stayed for a week. all was to see life from the rich my angle and indeed, life is sweet.
Since then, I have never look back. Nairabet is indeed a blessing to me. People say, they have lost funds but I too have also lost but it has been on the minimal side. My girlfriend whom I taught the game has perfected the act of building her mini funds of 500 to at least 10,000 monthly. I am not here to display my account id or show my winnings or earnings but the fact remains, Nairabet bet is real and online soccer betting can blow your world if you will apply the strategies here.
Nairabet recently lunch a new design platform with wide range of new betting possibilities…here you can tap from and make it. The problem with those who have lost a lot from Nairabet is trace to greed. you want to win 300,000 with 100naira! Well, it’s possible but the chances there is 1/1000.why not place a 5,000 bet with 3 double chance game and watch yourself grow.
If you are new on online soccer betting I will ask you open a Nairabet account through this my link: . And I would send you my betting manual that cost 3,500 for free!.yes, for free and I would offer tips and guideline to you for 2weeks.
People who still doubt should please verify the tips or advice below and check if am not right. Then call me: 08033559733 or


1. Select the game style you want to place bet on, double chance, over/under goals, both teams to score, straight winnings, 1st half results, etc.
2. Reserve little funds to place or experiment bets little by little, say using 50naira to place only 2 games.
3. Go for northern Ireland, Japan leagues and England lower leagues (championship, league 1,2, and conference) for both teams to score.
4. For any new starting, try placing bets on home wins and at least 2draws.
5. For the Japan league and Italy lega pro divisions, try home wins.
6. France national is a good side to get under goals.
7. Try placing over 0.5goals bet in first half in the championship, league 1, 2 of England. this is the best bet I currently enjoy as any team dat scores in first half, you have won…odds are high as 1.20-1.40.
8. Try also the 1-10mins bets…go for draws here in the top leagues….
9. Double chance can be found in the lower Italian leagues, Greece 2nd division and spain segunda.
10. Use huge funds to place bets with small odds. E.g 1.40 x 1.40 x 1.40 x 1.40 of over 0.5goals in first half or double chance (i.e either side to win) would produce a total odds of 3.8416. With a bet of 5,000, you may get 19,208! That a value bet. Someone will shout, it’s too much or risky, but remember no risk, no reward. Try for once to take a big risk by placing a 2,000 or 5,000 bet on 2 double chance games. I remember telling all my clients to using the off season to pile and fund their accounts to a certain level. Those who did that should be smiling now because you can place bets comfortably.
I will waiting for those who open there Nairabet account via the links above and a free mentoring and the free online manual awaits them….
The new season has started and I wish you guys all the best…

6 responses

  1. my broda with heart felt appreciation. i want to say thank u. all what u r saying is true,i wish dat i come in contact wit u befor i join nairabet. am just 3 days old on naira bet after reading ur articles i realize dat i hv don som stupid mistake that is too late for me to correct.could u believe dat just use 9000naira to bet for last champion league and i lost as chelsea lose to basel.oda bet i place too was wrong bets i pray for dis weekend pls carry me along frm ur good frnd wo wil wants to b lyk u

  2. Is your offer for betting manual that cost 3,500 for free and tips and guideline to you for 2weeks still open? I’d love to grab it with both hands.

  3. Great tips I must say. What happen to that have gotten Nairabet account already, how do they have access to your rich and mindblowing material.

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