Online soccer betting is now popular among youths in Nigeria. From Lagos to Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Ibadan, Abeokuta, you can see football lovers turn punters trying to stake on their favourite teams in the hope of getting value or returns for their stakes. Well one would say it’s not easy but in football, anything is possible and never say Never.
I want to welcome you to the New soccer betting season code named 2014/ now you must have taken note of how you played your games last season and made amends. Now you should be ready to know from which leagues to place bets and get reasonably outcomes. You don’t need to rush at any game(s) online or offline to place bet. A thorough analysis by you needs to be done. Don’t just throw away funds, its money you are investing and trying to get returns. from all my articles online about soccer betting I have consistently maintain the protocol of being disciple with your games and bets.dont take foolish risk.
From all available statistics, surprises will always spring up during a world cup year. Immediately after each world most lower teams do well because their players were not involve in the world cup unlike stars of Chelsea, PSG, Manchester United, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, etc.
I have always offer useful tips on football betting and here am doing it again. For the new 2014/2015 soccer betting season, please adopt the following tips.
Now that the new season has commenced, please select leagues at least three in which you will study and critically follow. Even if you don’t place bets on them but at least try and know their result outcomes and following the development of their statistics. By doing these you would get a clear picture of who is doing well and whom to take bets from. From a better understand and experience, its best you follow a country lower league, like the Greece, England Armature, Italy Lega Pro, Portugal Segundo, etc.
Here I mean the number of games to choice. Taking so much will definitely make u lose so select on a number that will go with you. Last season I went with odd numbers of 5, 7 or 9 games. These numbers worked for me and is still going to use it. All huge games I won last season have been on this numbers. Check on Google. “Valentine bet win 2014”. Don’t be freak about the small odds that will appear but chose a number that is not much. At least be consistent on these.
These are the bet we place without the aid of online tools. So here my ardent advice is for you to place bets on double chance in all the selected games. i.e. either you place a win/draw on the home or away teams….a sure games of 11football events would give a odd of 58.24.multiply these by say at least N200 would amount to N11,712.
Instead of betting on Swedish, Norway, Iceland or Finland leagues that is currently on during this world cup, please try to fund your account as this will equipped you better for the new season. By then your funds would have been higher and much better to place bets on a few odd, even if it’s 2.89.
This is always good for double chance stakes but I will tell you more.

Here I am talking about the championship, league one, league two and conference. These are the leagues where pool office usually uses for their games. So it’s always hard to find or get a draw here so what I advice is to place a double chance bet stating that any side would win the games. Select a possible number but let it not be much even if the odds are small.
Remember in the game of football, there is always a winner. So your bet outcome will always show a winner. So in the event of these lower leagues know that a winner will emerge. But I prefer your technicality always by using you head to make your final selection.

From the month of August to May when the season will end, there is always a higher periods when one need to know and stake a bet. In the lower leagues, from August ending to September there will be first half draws and home teams likely to win. Check league table where a team was place last season to analyze her performance as well as their current squad or transfer market position.
From October to November, this is where surprise falls in the games. Draws are always few here so place bet on any side to win in the English lower leagues.
December Christmas season till 2nd week of January you will have to be careful here for a lot of draw games occur during this period, while towards the end of the season draws also occurs as teams have secure promotion or some trying to escape relegation play to the kill.
Always develop your own bet strategy. One of my most useful tactics is to use a small amount say N50 or N100 to stake on larger odds and using a higher amount of say N1000-N5000 to stake on low odds of say 2.5 and above.
And most importantly, while selecting your football soccer please select teams only from a particular league and play. Don’t mix various leagues as you may not be able to understand them.
I hope you must have heard about such adage so be religious in this terms. The 2014/2015 new league season across Europe and some South American nations start by August 1st by August you should be ready to gear up. Why not be religious here because every luck that comes through favour follows God’s grace in life so sow a seed in your church of any amount you wish to donate and believe it to guide you in your stakes. God works in many glorious ways and all things through him can be possible.
Having gone through my masterpiece, I would advise you read my other articles online especially the word press award winning one titled, “ONLINE BETTING SECRETS FOR BEGINNERS AND STARTERS” and “VALENTINE BETTING MANUAL”. These articles can be search on Google. They will go a long way to assist you and making the very best from your online bets this new season.
I say the very Best of Luck to each one of us…cheers!!!


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