Dear Reader,
My Name is valentine c. uwakwe.
I am a Graduate of Geography & Environmental Management, University of Port Harcourt and also the Director, operations of HYATTRACTIONS SYSTEM base in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. I discover and developed this system that will assist you make money through online soccer bets. Please free your mind and make no comments. This is not yahoo yahoo stuff or a fraud or scam thing. All my personal information and profile have been display for you to have that confidence in what you are about to see, read and do.
People who have read most of my articles and notes online knows it not just a fraud or scam stuff but real enlightened way and steps to make money from online soccer bets. As of today I have close to 300 clients I mentor on this issue and the number is still counting. To be sure, I will like you to visit my blog spot on hyattractions. Just go to Google and type hyattractions and my numerous articles on online soccer betting and current affairs numbering 200 will be display for you to read. All I want is for you to follow details plans outline here and you would make it through online soccer betting.
There are lots of online soccer bet sites which you can trade with locally. Some are naira bet, naira stake, 1960bet, saharabet, 9ja predict, naijabet, mars leisure’s etc. As a business firm we engage in all of such mentioned above but I can tell you that the best and most reliable is……call me to get the answer.
You will have to be ready and do this:
1. Register with a bet site
2. Connect to the internet. Call me on this to tell you on how to use the cheapest sum and plan of 1,400 monthly to browse the internet.
3. Get a personal laptop or be consistent with one cyber café
4. Fund your account from 3,000 upwards.
5. Order for this manual, e-book or cd plate
This is real, order for this manual/e-book or cd plate and get 99% guarantee from me. Do you know one of the bet sites allows you to make money every four minutes, yes every four minutes!!
The total cost for these items is display below;
Manual/e-book to be sent via your email address : 3,500
cd plate version to be sent to your address anywhere in Nigeria: 5,000
This system is a do-it-yourself and the price offer is limited for a short time, It will be increase without notice in future.
Don’t be awed by the amount involve or doubt if it’s a scam thing or if it will work or not. Online soccer betting is real and many are making it. The benefits I will assure you, when you order this manual/cd plates from me will include the followings;
1. I will tell you the best reliable Nigerian bet sites you can register and get your returns within 48hrs when you win any place bets.
2. I will show you how to use the cheapest network modem to browse for just 1,400 monthly on your pc.
3. Send you the unlocking codes on how to break any network modem and place any SIM to browse with.
4. I will mentor you via phone calls on matches and leagues to place your bets
5. I will send to your email address these sure matches you can place bets for only two weeks only.
6. I will then tell you of an online soccer bet site that allows you to place bets and make money every four minutes, yes every four minutes!

If after purchasing this manual and you fail to make money within three weeks, please ask for the refund of your money. You will have to be fast in contacting me and be brief and fast as I have other clients I attend to.
Call me: 08033559733, 08098984202
Mondays-Fridays: 9am- 6pm
Saturdays: 9am-3pm
Sundays: 12noon-6pm
TO ORDER: Make your payments to any of the following banks nearest to you.
ACCOUNT NAMES: Valentine C. Uwakwe
1. UBA, ACCOUNT NO: 2008014287
2. ACCESS BANK, ACCOUNT NO: 0045398991
3. FCMB, ACCOUNT NO: 1449211012
4. GT BANK, ACCOUNT NO: 0027320416
Please notify me of your payment via SMS to 08033559733/08098984202 or e-mail stating your name, teller no and which bank you paid to. Delivery of the manual will be made minutes after the confirmation of your payments by our banks agents. Winners concentrate on winning while losers just get by. Make this rightful decision today and help us tell others how we made you rich. Your financial destiny is now in your own hands. Make that step today.
Yours sincerely,
Valentine uwakwe
Director, Operations