Curriculum content and learning experience are great concepts in the development process of a curriculum. In order for the curriculum developers to achieve the aims goals and objectives these two concepts must be properly selected and organized. I will say the curriculum content is the base form, the step by step process or strategy the teacher adopts or follows to enable the learners have a great and positive experience.

The learning experience on the other hand explains if the content of the curriculum has been actualize criteria for furthermore, in the selection of learning experience and curriculum content there are similar points like validity and interest and also their organization and integration is based on the same relationship (vertical and horizontal) and criteria (continuity, sequence and integration).

Conclusively, curriculum content and learning experience are related in the area of goal achievement, selection, organization and integration.


Evaluation in curriculum development is an attempt to find out if the content and learning experiences selected and organized for a group have helped in the achievement of the objectives. Teachers, learners and curriculum experts are concerned about whether learning has actually taken place or not. For this reason, curriculum experts had to concern themselves with the identification of the means of determining both quality and quantity of learning.

Evaluation of curriculum content helps the developers, teachers and even the learners in carrying out the following task.

  1. To check the validity of the hypotheses upon which the curriculum has been based
  2. To expose the weakness and strength of an educational programme through the achievement of learners in the programmes
  3. Gain information on the various performances of learners, adjust the teaching methods, techniques and provide more resources for teaching/learning.
  4. Provide adequate data for teachers to report on. This data can be collected by the use of evaluation instruments such as tests, projects, interviews, rating scales, check lists, assignments, questionnaires and socio metrics test.




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