The role of the united nations in contemporary world politics and evolve in today’s world over time. it can be viewed from different angles or perspective. UN key role in these aspects is better illustrated by efforts to solve the nuclear problems of Iran and North Korea which the world body’s nuclear watchdog, IAEA is overseeing. The war on terror is equally among UN tasks and is working on ways and means of countering the modern-day scourge. Nobody can dispute UN huge contribution to efforts at tackling social-economic humanitarian and cultural problems facing human-beings. Finally, UN is the place where the fight to promote human rights and other liberties is being spear-headed.
Before the creation of the UN, man was unable to think up a more effective instrument of maintaining global peace and security. UN headquarters in New York is the venue where ways of settling the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Sudan and several other places are discussed. UN personnel are participating in 15 peace keeping missions, out of which Russia is involved in ten. UN plays a leading role in disarmament and in the regime of nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

World politics and the role of the United Nations has come under heavy criticisms in modern times. Despite substantial change in the world in the 1990s connected with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and collapse of the bipolar world, the UN still plays a very significant role.
By the end of the 20th century there was observed a certain decline of the UN role, which was evidenced by the NATO operation in Kosovo undertaken without a Security Council auhtorization, the war in Iraq launched by the US in 2003 despite an obvious discord on the issue even inside the NATO (France and Germany were against the military operation). The year 2003 can be regarded as a “culmination” of the unipolar world system.
The situation started to change when the United States started to get bogged down in the war in Iraq, and popular protest began to grow inside the US. In 2008 a sub-prime crisis broke down in the US, which further grew into a world economic crisis. By the end of the presidential term of George Bush Jr. the international reputation of the country was severely undermined. All this in addition to the emerging crisis lead to the victory of Barak Obama in the presidential election, and to a sufficiently radical change in foreign policy: the Americans began to rely more on the principles of international consensus and to refrain from unilateral actions.
Paradoxically, the world economic crisis resulted in a sharp increase of the UN role, as, in fact, the Security Council was the only negotiation platform where the world leading nations could discuss current state of international affairs. The crisis also entailed a considerable growth of the role of G20 which was commissioned to remodel the global financial system. At the same time, it became entirely obvious that the US, even with the use of its power and economic potential, would be unable to uphold their dominant position in the world all by itself. With the onset of the world financial crisis the unipolar world model was buried once and for all. The process went along with the arrival to the international foreground of the countries with considerable financial resources, vast territory and population.

What is going on in contemporary world
Contemporary world is facing alot of challenges in the present era about no country is secure from the disasters as Arab spring has taken around it many countries , Cold war between China and America , Oil diplomacy ,Natural disasters as well as bilateral relations in so many countries are also not so good as it should be like amid Pak India , North and South Korea , Sudan south Sodan and there alot of other examples you all know better

What is role of UN in these matters : As described above you can imagine the role of United nations Organization in this world . As far as i am seeing the role of UN Organizations i think this is just made for taking funds from whole world and controlling the under developing , developing and third world countries and nothing else .
Why it has failures : Because of its weak constitution and hegemony of ” Mafia ” or Super powers which , just for their own interests are playing with other countries so i shall suggest that countries should focus on regional organizations in which they own are dominant instead of UN .

How UN should work : just follow its objective irrespective of influence of any super power and think tank country .
How it is possible : just make its own resources for collecting money and making some amendments in its constitution

Practical implementation of the US policy in the later 1990s and early 2000s showed that the United States was not so much focused on common interests of the world community as on their own interests. America was openly turning back to political realism, which compromised it in its capacity of the world hegemon. The establishment of BRIC, an association of states whose national interests differ greatly from the US national interests, undermines the rhetoric of the American leadership which permanently appeals to the opinion of the world community.
As before, the world community shares the values of democracy and free market. However, as the world economic crisis showed, a conflict materializes at a lower level and stems from the structure of national interests of major states. Nevertheless, Western countries in that number cannot claim the right to speak on behalf of the world community. The world community short of internal unity desperately needs a negotiating platform, which can continue to be successfully provided by the United Nations.


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