A case management is a contemporary term that is used to refer to the actions taken by a social worker to mobilize and to bring together to various services needed in a case for efficient, effective service delivery. A case manager aims to ensure a continum of care to client systems with complex multiple problems and disability attempts to interview clinically to ameliorate illness or loss of function, and utilizes social work skills of collaborating, promoting teamwork, brokering negotiating, mediating and advocating a boundary approach to service delivery. (Vourlekis & Creene 1992).
A case manager aims to provide services in the context of the client systems least restrictive setting while promoting client system self determination and normalization.
Drug may be helpful and unhelpful to human existence. It is helpful when prescribed or unprescribed and abuse for unhealthy reasons.
A drug is any chemical that affects the structure or function of a living organism. This definition is very broad and includes such chemicals as aspirin, caffeine and alcohol. Every society accepts some drugs as appropriate and other as unacceptable. Some drugs are considered dangerous while other are harmless. But the definitions vary from society and within our society they are inconsistent and often ambiguous (Eitzen, 1980: 463).
Drug abuse or substance abuse is highly related with many other problems in our society. Drug use and abuse have no boundary or limitation by human population.
Social workers intervene in cases of drug abuse and the clientele system includes men and women, girls and boys especially youths and teenagers. Adults are not excluded here, they also abuse drugs.
A social worker can now intervene in of drug abuse by providing case work for instance a client that has been in the hospital for taking over dose of substance and eventually was about to give up ghost when neighbours intercepted and brought him. here now the doctors has treated him but now he is now back on his feet, so as social worker you need to engage the client, counsel him, that is talking him out of that plight in other not to repeat the act or to come out of his act. That is counseling him in a positive way, keep talking to him which he may air out to you why he is including in the act, it maybe due to other associated problems like divorce, unemployment or truancy, poverty a felling of hopelessness and social disorganization. It could be social prejudice, devalued self ideates, how self esteem, poor socio-economic status and socio environmental stress of living under harsh and alienating urban conditions.
People living in a deteriorated inner city slum areas who feed alienated and hopeless are the first victims of drug abuse, prolong use of heroine leads to physical addition and compulsive need for the drug. As the client is responding, the treatment by social workers may be involving or engaging the client outdoor activities and after school community programmes. The client can be referred for psychological and psychiatric evaluation if the he is not responding positively to treatment. Social worker also counsel people avoid taking drugs so that’s they may not become drug habituated or drug dependency. The client should be given a sense of happiness and well being again than as time goes on you terminate the engagement.


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