An intelligent Christian graduate of Management from the University of Port Harcourt, Mary (Nne jesu) as my mum fondly calls her is the current queen of VAL202.she is also doing her M.SC programme here in Port Harcourt. A shrewd and hardworking business woman whom I will forever be proud of. i will be so happy if tomorrow she become my wife. i have fallen for her and truly love this lady so much…of late, she has been the driving force, propelling and pushing me further to attain new heights in life…from my business to office, to Golden moon and other vital projects I intend to undertake in future.
I see a resourceful, kind and open lady in Mary, who is so emotional and cool, as well as easy going. Above all a Christian of many exemplary character and virtue worthy of emulating love you so much and I hope soon you will be ready.
I plan to go for the introduction, traditional and white wedding soonest but already committed it will indeed take a mantle to cross. Nevertheless, I will fight till the end.. Am not going to lose something I have worked for and it’s making me happy so easily…

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