I would forever remain thankful to this lady who made so many differences in life at Gaanda, Gombi LGA of Adamawa state where I did my one year NYSC programme. It is still seen as one of my darkest life moments and I praise her for her support. she is the pillar of strength that sustain and push me through in my undertaken.
I remember my foot step into Gaanda, October 19th 2009….. I spent the first nite in Gaanda Jan 19th 2010 and the last pass out nite on July 5th 2010.i saw Adaobi on October 21st 2010 and it was fun…..our relationships dates back from From January 29th 2010- April 9th 2013.
It was a glorious moments as I would still value this woman. I fell short in my dealings with her but it was not my fault. i met her late and have even vow that if I have met her earlier, I would have married her.
But all that is gone now as she is happily married but this pearl would forever remain evergreen in my heart. She is a train nurse and midwife. May God bless her for me and bless the womb that conceives her.

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