Weight loss has become a booming industry and industry watchers are taken advantage of desperate obese person to lure them into buying their products aimed at reducing their weight gains. However, trying to reduce weight depends on the individual. Your share determination and design programme to follow will eventually pay for you. I have read series of books and documents on weight lose and decided to provide these useful hints below.
To lose weight, some have tried these tips:
1. Beware of calories in what you are eating and drinking. Note: drinks can be a major source of calories, especially sweetened juices. Alcoholic drinks are also high in calories. And beware of those advertised soft drinks. Check the calorie count on the label. You might be shocked.
2. Avoid temptation. If chips, chocolates, or cookies are on hand, you will in evidently eat them! Replace them with low – calorie snacks, such as apples, carrots, whole -grain wafers.
3. Have a snack or an appetizer before eating a meal. It will take the edge off your appetite and may induce you to eat less.
4. Don’t eat everything put in front of you. Be selective. Reject what you know will give you too many calories.
5. Slow down. Why hurry? Enjoy your meal by noticing what you are eating- the colour, the flavours, the interaction of foods. Listen to the body’s signals that say, ‘I am full. I don’t need any more.’
6. Stop eating before you feel full.
7. Restaurants in some countries are notorious for serving excessive portions. Leave half of your entrée behind, or share the plate with someone else.
8. Desserts are not essential to complete a meal. It is better to finish off with fruit or another low-calorie item
9. Food manufacturer wants you to eat more. Profit is their bottom line. They will try to exploit your weaknesses. Don’t be taken in by their clever advertising and pretty pictures. You can say no!
After all this measures, it is best you know and determine your BMI- body mass index. Find out more by searching the web or hyattractions.wordpress to read more about BMI.

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