Historically, the quest of where Rumuorlumeni as a community emanated from and how it came into existence has been a controversial issue. However no community progresses without her children knowing the fundamental background of their existence.
The genesis of Rumuorlumeni dates back to the time of a man known as Akpor. Akpor gave birth to another man known as Oparali his first son, among others. Oparali now in town gave birth to Wokaji, who eventually became a chief. Wokaji had many wives among who was a woman as Ehiea Woke-Ada who hailed from woke-Ada’s compound in Akami (also known as Ogbogoro). Ehiea prospered and gave birth to Koro wokaji and Orlumeni Wokaji who is the nucleus of what is now known as “Rumuorlumeni community”.
According to tradition as was the case then, Koro Wokaji with some other men went to seek for wealth and prosperity from some notable oracles like “IGWE-KALI” and “Amadioha”. Koro took with him Orlumeni his younger brother as a guide and companion. The chief priest, after consulting with the oracle, promised that wealth was going to come but would manifest itself in a brotherly village. They were however ordered to make some sacrifice, which Orlumeni was the only one legible enough to perform because he had not known any woman as at then. He performed the sacrifice.
A time came when chief Wokaji died and following his death, his property was to be shared amongst his offspring. During this period, according to a custom known as ‘OKENKPE” or inheritance, one of Wokaji’s wife was given to Koro, the eldest son for marriage, but surprisingly the woman refuse to marry Koro. She instead choose to marry Orlumeni , claiming that she preferred him because he always helped her in her farm works when the father was alive. This development resulted to jealousy on the part of Koro who now developed hatred for Orlumeni. The depth of this hatred now led Koro conspiring to kill Orlumeni.
The purported plan got to the knowledge of NYENWENWO of OGBAKIRI from whom it got to Ehiea, that people were in the bush armed to murder Orlumeni. At this time, Orlumeni was in the bush cutting palm fruits between the boundaries of Rumuoparali and Rumualoguru.
Ehiea hurriedly prepared a meal and rush down to where Orlumeni was, possibly to create a wrong impression to observers on her purpose of going to the bush. She spotted Orlumeni and made a sound to attract his attention. She then gave him a sign of danger by gripping her throat. Orlumeni understood and both of them ran to Ogbogoro. Enough protection was not guaranteed there and the couple further sojourned east-wards across Nbelekwuru (okamini Bridge) and met a man known as Okeah Walinwor cultivating yam in his farm. Orlumeni hid his wife in the bush and met Okeah Walinwor with his family working. He helped them in boring holes for planting of yams. He roasted yams and sent to his wife in the bush. His movement into the bush became so rampant that he was questioned. He then told them that his wife was hidden there and the rest of his stories. He was then offered protection.
As events has already shown, Orlumeni was not an original inhabitant of the present Rumuorlumeni community, neither was Okeah Walinwor. The original inhabitants were the “AKALAKA” people, who were later expelled by Walinwor. Before the expulsion of the AKALAKA people, Orlumeni had mingled himself with them and receive some blessing of everlasting inheritance of the land, symbolized by some sand of the earth goddess being poured into Orlumeni’s palms and stacked with “owhor”. He was then cautioned not to allow any stranger overpower him. Emanating from a series of events, Orlumeni triumphed and overshadowed Walinwor and his people and further built a akingdom, like the Biblical Cannan.
It is note worthy that the exact time Orlumeni’s migration is not yet ascertain, rather eveidences has shown that it occurred before the succession of King Amakiri the second in the late Eighteen century. Before his death, Orlumeni had three sons, namely; Okocha Orlumeni, Amadi Orlumeni and Wagwu Orlumeni from three different mothers. These sons of Orlumeni now harnessed all natural materials and available resources to build the powerful ancient village of Rumuorlumeni community. Thus by tactical and rigourous wars and series of conquest, a dynasty was established by Orlumeni. That was the name, RUMUORLUMENI came into existence and which today has six principal villages known as; Mgbuoshimini, Nkpor, Mgbuodohia, Minikpiti, Azumini and Mgbuakara.


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