I know many of my blog readers will be thrilled when they glance through this article and find out that it’s something from the medical world. Well that’s to tell about the creativity of hyattractions as a firm dedicated to answering all. Nevertheless, the writer was a former medical student up to clinical level before circumstance made him swing way to the Department of Geography & Environmental management, here in the University of Portharcourt were he graduated.
Prostate enlargement is generally a disease of elderly people but that doesn’t mean the teens should not develop a decent sexual altitude. It is characterized by urine retention, leading to severe pains, anxiety, discomfort, and sometimes loss of consciousness. The full function of the prostate is not yet fully understood by scientist all over the world. However, it is known that as a gland, it produces fluid called “semen” which is released by men, at the climax of sexual activity. The prostate gland will only grow and function under the influence of male hormones, the most important of which is called TESTOSTERONE, produced from the testicles.
The prostate gland surrounds the neck of the bladder and the first part of the urethra goes through it. An enlarged prostate, presses on the urethra and decreases the size of the opening through it, or it forms a dam which holds back part of the urine. The causes of the prostate enlargement are not very precise, but they are associated with hormonal imbalance, and available information indicates that most men who use drugs to improve their sexual performance tend to activate the level of their testosterone beyond the threshold, and consequently, they often end up developing prostate enlargement and related complications.
The enlargement can be a simple type called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or it may be cancerous, that is Malignant Prostatic Hyperplasia. Both the benign and malignant types usually present similar symptoms of frequency in urination, hesitancy, urgency, trickling flow of urine and in advanced stages, there is acute urine retention as a result of blockage of the urinary tract. A man suffering from enlarged prostate will first notice that he has to get up oftener than usual, to pass urine at night. The stream will be small and slow to start. Along time may be required to empty the bladder.
Many men with enlarged prostate may have no further disturbance than the “nuisance” symptoms stated earlier. Other cases will get worse until the patient cannot empty the bladder, and must resort to a catheter for relief. Unfortunately, after the urine has once begun to be drawn by catheter, the danger of bladder infection is great. Also, the symptoms and problems of cystitis are likely to occur.
One of the best prospects of controlling prostate enlargement is by going back to nature. When symptoms of an enlarge prostate are noticed, it is advisable to avoid spices, condiments and alcoholic beverages, to lessen bladder irritation which may promote infection. It is also important to avoid cold conditions or getting the feet wet, or holding the urine for too long. Prostate enlargement is not new in African context. Infact, ethno-medicinal research has shown that herbal remedies are very effective, without complication or side effects.
Lastly, the holistic natural remedies being suggested for prostate enlargement is a combination of natural extracts of herbs such as Saw Palmetto, Cocos nucifera, Khaya ivorensis and Lycopericum esculentum


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