I often wonder how many new punters and the so called self named professionals say they lost thousands in their online betting shows. I get so awed and only say the cause of these is just GREED. We all look forward to big odds and wanting to use little amounts to hit a jackpots…only in rare cases and a matter of sheer luck such events happens
I have been in the business of online soccer betting TWENTY (24) months now and I have understood all the intrigues and tricks involve in soccer betting. One thing you should note is that online soccer betting is not a fun stuff, it’s a business venture where you either lose or profit. Bear in mind again that both you and the betting sites are into business with the sole aim of making profits. My sincere advice to all would be punters and professional is that you will never succeed in online soccer betting if you don’t love it. Remember the old saying that you will never make it or succeed in anything you do or venture into except you love that thing. Learn to love sports or soccer betting and you will make it. We all read about Napoleon Hill Bestseller, “think and grow”, where he states the powers of Desire as well as, Faith, Love and SEX (faithfulness). Where this four are mixed and applied together in the right way and combination, a MAN will definitely succeed in whatever he finds self doing. I applied this four without even reading napoleon hills book in my new days of joining online soccer betting on September 2nd 2011 and within weeks I was smiling to the banks with a whooping sum of 250,000 Nigerian naira with just 200 naira. I had also opened an online betting site for my girlfriend and on September 1st engaged her. With such luck and love that comes with man and woman, the heavens open a basket of riches for us and the periods from September-December 2011 would forever remain the best time and moments of my life here on earth because I tasted what it meant to be RICH!
Search through Google and type my blog name, hyattractions to read other exciting articles on online soccer betting. Find the one title, ‘HOW TO MAKE IT THROUGH ONLINE SOCCER BETTING’ or ONLINE BETTING SECRET FOR BEGINNERS OR STARTERS. they are classic free manuals that was richly design for you. You too can make it through online soccer bet and I am assuring you, the game world of soccer betting is real. Be bold and go for it. However, don’t be thrilled by the fact that everyone is doing it or one of your close pals hit a jackpot recently, lucks varies and most important if you don’t love sports/soccer or online soccer bets, you will never make it even if someone place bets for you through your own account.
Making it through online soccer betting involves some simple basic steps and I will give you some hints below;
1. Don’t follow predictions sites to place your bets, though some are good but it is good you follow you instinct and analyses. The simple secret you must know is that most bookmakers are in the business and how will they accurately give you correct predictions that could ruin them, think about it.
2. Fund your account properly and place bet this way….when your total odds is low, place your bet with huge fund. But when the odds are high, place the bet with small amount. But my candid advice is to go for double chance, handicaps, draw no bet and both teams to score. You can also go for straight wins or draws but never accumulate more than seven (7) games. If you accumulate more than this, you will definitely lose most of your bets.
3. Order for my manual and come to terms with me. This is not a scam or fraud thing. The manual is 3,500. Why would I gamble with your fund, God will never forgive me since I also cry and pray to him whenever I place bets online. Remember the old saying, what you give is what you get…..i.e. whatever a man soweth, he will reap. Galatians 6.13. Call me on 08033559733 to get more facts.
I wish you all the best.
Valentine uwakwe.


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