How true is this: “Does anybody remember Dr Ishola Oyenusi and
gang? They introduced armed robbery into
nigeria in the early 70’s. Does anybody
remember professor Wole Soinka? he
introoduced cultism into nigeria that is now

wreaking havoc on the nation. Does anybody
remember GBOMO GBOMO? it is child
kidnapping for rituals happening in yorubaland
as far back as the 60’s long before any nigerian
knew of kidnapping. Does anyone rememberthe
1964 rigged elections in the western region
which led to the first coup and crisis that
caused the civil war? The yorubas were the
first to start and introduce election rigging in
nigeria after the departure of the colonial
masters. Does anyone remember operation
wetie? That was the introduction of thuggery,
arson, mass murders and other forms of
violence in yorubaland from 1964. Does anyone
remember the state of emergency in the
western region in 1962? Yorubaland was the
place were the first state of emergency in
nigeria’s history was imposed because of the
lawlessness in the region then. Does anyone
remember the carpet crossing wahala? that
was the introduction of tribal politics in nigeria
when awolowo convinced the yoruba members
of Azikiwe’s party the NCNC who won seats in
the western region to cross carpet on tribal
grounds thereby introducing tribal politics into
nigeria. Does anyone remember the first coup
trial in 1963? Obafemi awolowo was tried and
jailed for coup plotting in 1963 becoming the
first nigerian and yoruba in nigerian history to
be involved in coup plotting. Does anyone
remember the ITT scam in the early 70’s? that
was the contract money for nigeria’s
telecommunications that Abiola looted thereby
introducing contractor scams and denying
nigerians of a functional telecomunications
service. The failed banks and wonder bank
scams in the 80’s and 90’s were introduced by
yorubas. Does anyone remember the
Tafa Balogun? he was a monumentally corrupt
and first inspector general of police in history to
be jailed for looting 19 billion naira. Does
anyone remember the importation of sand in
place of fertilizers by yorubas? The list can go
on and on to show that yorubas introduced
pratically all the vices destroying the nation. In
my next write-up i will be publishing the list of
all the federal looters since 1970, a list that will
put the yorubas and hausas to shame on how
they looted and destroyed the nation!”

11 responses

  1. It is obvious that whoever wrote this is piece is an ignorant piece of shit. You have some level of education but you’re obviously not learned – you went to school but can’t afford class. If you despise the Yorubas and Hausas so much, why don’t you just jump off a freaking cliff or go and drown in the Atlantic Ocean. Oh I forgot! You and the rest of your Ibo lot tried to in the late 60s and what happened? Blimey! A mentality like yours is why Nigeria will never again have an Ibo president…in your face!!! And while you’re still ‘researching’ on your next stupid and highly unnecessary publication, check for some information about the first coup in Nigeria and because you’re really a heck of a dumb ass, I know you’ll find a way to dig up a Yoruba or Hausa name, silly nincompoop! Gosh, try writing something balanced for pits sake and go back to your history class while you’re at it!!! Little wonder I’m the only one taking you up on your stupid post which is over 20 days old on the internet…pshhhh!

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  3. U said that ur nxt publishig will put some yoruba and hausa to shames, u mean that the other tribes in nigeria were saints?

  4. This article is an epistle of prejudice against the Yorubas, I wonder why a man in his right senses could heap up such odium. Well, you may say that Yorubas were the first to do all those evils, you must also has a rule of balance know that Yorubas are the first in doing a lot good in Nigeria. For example, the first television station in Africa was brought about by Chief Obafemi Awolowo, a Yoruba man, Folorunsho Alakija is a Yoruba woman who is the first Nigeria to become the first richest black woman in the world. We have so many firsts that I am impelled to say that it is in the Yoruba destiny to be the first in all things in the world. Study our metaphysics and see that the origin of the world started in ILE IFE in Yoruba land. There is no nation, no culture, no language that lay such claims to being the cradle of the world apart from the Yorubas. The origin started from us, infact we are the origin. Therefore it is in order if we are the first in all things. In your prejudice, you may say yorubas started armed robbery, kidnapping etc. But in the current statistics of crimes in Nigeria, the Ibos superceed all other tribes. More Ibos have been killed for armed robbery, kinapping,419 drug traficking etc, than any other tribes in the last three decades in Nigeria. There more Ibos in foreign prisons abroad than any other Nigerian tribe. This should be of more immense concern to you than the Yoruba question. The Ibos cannot match the Yorubas in all things in this world, The Biafra war you started in 1967 was not successful, you eventually surrendered to Obasanjo the Yoruba warrior. He is still alive today, but where is Ojukwu. We Yorubas are still in our race of being the first in all things, and to confirm this, when this Fourth Republic started, it had Obasanjo a Yoruba man at the helm of affairs, thereby making Obasanjo the first Nigerian to rule Nigeria twice. Such is the tremendous feat that Yorubas are destined to perform in the world. So you can’t tame our destiny. You are only prejudiced for fun.

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