The YEAR 2015 would definitely be the Nigerian holocaust as sequence of events will take place one year before 2015 or three months after. Nigeria is destined to break into several nations by 2015 except the GOD intervened through the selfish interest of the western powers!
series of event will culminate into this break up and indeed readers will rush to this site to call me the new Nigerian ‘Nostradamus’.
-president Goodluck Jonathan will be force by his south south brothers and top government cronies to contest the general elections in 2015.
-there will be much outraged in the north because of these and series of protest will erupt in northern Nigeria, as they claim its their turn to produce the next president.
-the ruling party, being the PDP will be drawn into ethnic lines and would eventually broke up.
-the east i.e the Ibos will be spiting fire but cant do anything as they have sold their birth right to the south south during the 2011 election of president Goodluck jonathan.
-the north will appease them by adopting one of their son as a deputy presidential candidate to their son from the north in the 2015 elections.
-BOKO HARAM will attempt an assassination on the president immediately he gave his consent to run for the 2015 general elections.
i expect readers to be glue to this site to find out more……real facts are about to be unveil here….the countdown has started!!!!

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