I decided to make this statement formal and make it go online for all to see and counter attack any snare or criticisms that would (because I know they will come) want to trail my image or hard earned reputations which I have built over time. Joecrack concept is an online and computer services operations centre owned and managed by a sole proprietor by named JOSEPH OSASUWA. I don’t know how long this one man business has been in existence but I joined the firm as a technical partner by May 2012.since then I had always maintained a honest, cordial and friendly relationship with both colleagues and customers until…..I however worked well with Joseph the owner, Steve, Morgan the scholarship guy, fompos, Kelvin, precious and a host of others to numerous to mention, but the best of them still remain prince.
The first incidence was the delta state bursary where I worked tiredlessly and at the end got only 2,000NGN for a work of 15days. The guy that brought the main job being prince was paid low and cried fowl of the whole incidence and called it quit. He immediately went with few friends and found a space to open his own joint firm business. These was done in anticipation for the big break coming soon being the JAMB post ume.
The second incidence came when UNIPORT post ume commenced and for the period of 14days I made close to 68,000NGN from my own desk and was paid partly 9,500NGN. I am not talking about in general what the sole owner being Joseph made in whole close I was too dumbfounded and when I asked him he said since I was working for him it doesn’t matter if we made 50,000NGN just that I am paid. I am an easy going guy and just swallow it and remained calm. I only got annoyed the more when I saw what other guys did with their post ume funds made and regretted my absolute honesty have again cost me a major setback. I begin to ask self if truly HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!
Well I let that shelve by and move on until June 3rd 2012.
Joseph was preparing for his NYSC orientation camp at Bayelsa state so I asked him how the management of the business will be since I am the most senior ranked officer partnering with him. He told me he has made all the arrangements that one of his sisters from Benin would come to assist I and Steve at the store and that he has arrange for a girl to come to help too. The girl according to him is good in computer “things”. He even went further that he will get an account book for both the girl and Steve where there daily work will be recorded and the total handed over to me to record and keep for him. I said o.k.
I was in far away emohua doing a NECO examination when Joseph change the whole arrangements and brought in Emmanuel to work with us and gave him all the cards and information needed. Infact I would say, the ‘KEYS’ of joecrack concept was trickishly giving to Emmanuel and I was not aware. I was in emohua when I got wind of his decision and immediately called Joseph to ask him why the sudden change and I ask if he think I will eat his shop money. Well from the news am hearing now that decision is one I have come to regret.
Joseph somehow rescinds his decisions and made things follow due process. The first day he left both the big and small generators got knocked! I was forced to be carrying my personal generator from home to the store daily which I did not even record as one of the store expenses. The total account reads as follows:

TOTAL AMOUNT PAID OUT 22,800NGN (this is money deposited in the banks, cleared old debts and giving to Joseph sisters/friends at his directions).

I was so outrage when I had Joseph saying he came and we did not give him any money. I have prepare an up to date account and made each workers to have a copy and vet on it if I was lying or not. They all saw it, liked it and even signed it. I incurred personal expenses of 8,900NGN for the period stated and no one is saying thank you.
What Joseph fails to grab is that ….
1. You left when their was no work and student have gone for holiday
2. You have that charisma that when your customers come and sees that you are not around, they just make a u turn. Worst still some will come to do a work and pay less, while many of your friends did ‘F.O.C’ deals. They shop was at times empty and dry these period and when Joseph return a fellow shop owner said e bi like say e dey use juju wey his shop come full back…that same thing I have asked him when he came that we are surprise to see here be filled this way….
I would say my mind and its is what I have said here…I did not intend to open my own online shop here in choba. I have an online business I code named HYATTRACTIONS SYSYTEM which I have taken to the next level. I have a blog and many online adverts. I will drop my resignation and thank you letter to Joseph after I my big break in my online soccer bets comes….its just a matter of time. GOD be with us.


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