I know many bookmakers will hate me for this and if they find my names on their sites they may ban me for revealing this secrets to you and well who cares…I just want people to make legitimate money online and this article will help you a lot.if you have invested a lot in nairabet, nairastake, naijabet, 1960bet, saharabet, 9japredict, mar leisure, bet365 etc and lost huge funds then be ready to smile again. first and foremost you need to have a betting style or what I call strategy.
A betting strategy or betting system is a structured approach to gambling intended to counter the inherent bias held by the house in casino and card games, by bookmakers in horseracing and sports betting, and other gambling situations. A successful strategy should increase the odds of winning in order to produce long term profits from a pursuit which under normal circumstances will only ever result in a long term loss.
All successful betting systems are predicated on statistical analysis, seeking to exploit the rare circumstances when the odds are in the favour of the player. Though the basis of all risk is fundamentally the same, betting systems vary in relation to the rules and circumstances of each particular game.
There are hundreds of bookmakers online that offer services that may vary in terms of quality. To choose the right bookmaker is an essential step for successful online betting. The first step is to choose the best bookmaker which will be your online betting information platform. That said the type of bookmaker or bookmakers you choose determines your success at online betting. For the best online betting experience it is advisable to go through bookmaker reviews on our site, hyattractions.
I would advice you contact me directly on my cell phone 08033559733 (outside Nigeria please add +234) for a comprehensive manual that will teach you more of the tricks in online betting and make you recoup your profits.
Don’t be fooled when your bookmaker showed you someone bet file that won with a huge amount, they are only trying to lure you to do same and you may end up doing same and losing your funds. Don’t follow Mr. A because you are Mr. B.
Don’t be lured again when you are shown a particular sports/event where Mr. A won huge sums. They are only trying to lure you into it and funny enough you may dash into it and lose your hard earned funds.
Don’t rush into placing your bets, do a statistical analysis and prepare a data bet bank. Do you know I have a data bet bank from 2010-2012/2013 soccer season of the following leagues; Wales, Italy lega pro A & B, brazil seria B, France ligue 1,2 and national, Japan league and j league, English premier league, championship, league 1, league 2 etc. contact me if you want any of this league bet bank for free.
Trying and select two or at least three soccer leagues that you will watch, study, strategies, analyses and placed your bets.
So my fellow punters, this is one of the many secrets I will show just one here, many more are contain in my success bet manual for only NGN 3,500 only. Just pay into any of the following accounts and send me the payment teller and the manual will be forwarded to your email address. My bet data bank on a league of your choice will be sent to you also free of charge. Rush and act now as the league all over Europe begins by AUGUST.

Valentine c. uwakwe
UBA, uniport Branch
Account No; 2008014287

ACCESS Bank, uniport
Account No; 0045398991

FIN bank (Now first city Monument Bank, uniport branch)
Account No; 1449211012

GT Bank, yola branch
Account No; 0027320416

So this is it…
Best odds placement:
Have you tried placing bets and when you place five games and I also place the same we have different odds. o.k do this simple mathematics with five games with the various odds;
You: 4.10x 3.5 x 3.9 x 1.4 x 1.3 1.6 =158.9952
me: 1.6 x 1.3 x1.4 x 3.9 x3.5 x 4.10 =162.97008

did you notice anything? The odds changes!! This is the secret. Always arrange your games out in a paper and start place your bets with the least lowest odds to the highest odds, that way your total accumulated odds will sour high….think of it and try it. That’s one of the secret so am not joking when I said you can make NGN 3,000 daily with just three or four predicted matches….
You better act fast now… of luck
go to google and search for valentine uwakwe betting manual…its a boom….


77 responses

  1. Val u seem good at ur work but you ar not that smart.
    Watch what u calculated and tell me who you ar deceiving .
    You: 4.10x 3.5 x 3.9 x 1.4 x 1.3 1.6 =158.9952 where is the last x in the calculation fool.
    me: 1.6 x 1.3 x1.4 x 3.9 x3.5 x 4.10 =162.97008

  2. Val am a girl n am jst startin Nairabet. Pls i want u to help bc we are six in ma family. I lost ma Dad in 2009 since den ma mum is d one takin care of us. Pls i nid sure game on sunday being 11 cos i nid moni 4 ma skul fees. Pls kindly help me out to win n God wil bless u 4 helping n Orphan like me. Tanks

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  11. I would like to consider the ability of thanking you for your professional instruction I have always enjoyed visiting your site. We’re looking forward to the actual commencement of my school research and the general planning would never have been complete without coming to your web site. If I can be of any assistance to others, I’d personally be delighted to help through what I have gained from here.

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  15. Val, I like your blog. I wish u could help me get a win for d first time with some sure game… I have been playing ds game for long now but never win any, pls can u help me… Thank you…

  16. Good day, pls i love betting a lot and i lost a lot of money on it especially in coupon pool, so i want to know if there is any way i can be getting the draws every week end, so that i will be winning every week and i promise to be giving you some percentage, you can reach me via 08027429290 or email thanks

  17. it’s easy betting online but the problem is if you don’t stake high you can’t win high there is nothing wrong in staking #500 on barca, madrid, chealsea, manu against sure odds on a point of 1.45 the more you stake the more u ****. that’s the secret instead of allowing some 419 to fraud you with some sweet typings and if u ask him a straight and simple question all he will do is to give you distracting answers VAL IS A SURE FRAUDSTER. I have told you the secret. dont expect staking 100 and possible return of 7000 it’s crazy. but you can stake 1000 on even against odds and expect 10000 thats the secret

  18. @val surely you are not real, cos if you really made the amounts you claimed to have made, you won’t come here to wouldn’t even stress out ursef to create a blog site…you would have been enjoying your money..but if you think am wrong. and you want to prove me wrong, mail me on so that we could talk!!

  19. U sound good. But every1 with a blog should sound good. If I cn get 4 sure predictions for d wkend, then u wn’t regret doing so. I will join & also do some mkting on ur behalf. It’s a win-win situation. Else, I wnt risk it again after 2 blogs that produced shit. I was better than d blogs I joined with my money afterall

  20. something in me believed all you have said.i will love to send the money but i dont have a student in imo state.i just have 300 in my naira account.send me some prediction this week and from there i will more than all you said.i promise.

  21. something in me believed all you have said.i will love to send the money but i dont have a student in imo state.i just have 300 in my naira account.send me some prediction this week and from there i will pay than all you said.

  22. Val I think there is a contradiction with your conclusion about arranging the odds from least value to highest for greater odds total. I think the reverse is the case here with my calculation. From highest odds to least odds. Check it again. Wat a secret. Great one man.

  23. please I need more enlightenment on this issue @ hand becuz I really wanna venture into this biz , bros am tired of being broke….. help and God bless u. datz my email.

  24. Hi am dele ever since my dad died av bee tryin 2 make money online, but scammers just collect my hard earn cash, nw am xo vexed just lost 28k dis wk on naijabet. Guy if ur method is ture pls email me dat manual plss am xo angry on hw much av lost online, its close to lyk 80k. Guy pls help a broda

  25. Give me 7 sure win matches for this weekend as a trial and I promise to pay you 50$ through western union or money gram and the 50$ will be on every Monday, I bet every weekend. here is my email address Phone Number +23058237352 Skype Id ovo_da_ibrahim. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Stay Bless

    • Guy if 2ruly u rily want 2 help people then js send d game on net, den people sending money 2 u 2 play 4 them . Cos i belive they can play there self.

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