How to Get Rid of an iMesh Search

iMesh is a peer-to-peer file sharing application that connects you to popular networks. However, iMesh is bundled with a slew of third-party applications that are considered by some to be invasive and possibly harmful to your computer. One such application is the iMesh Toolbar. This provides your Internet browser with a built-in search engine that is displayed on the toolbar. If you feel that the iMesh bar is cluttering your browser, you can uninstall it.
o 1
Click on the “Start” menu, type “appwiz.cpl” into the Search field and press “Enter” to launch the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility.
o 2
Scroll through the list of currently installed applications on your computer and select “iMesh Bar.”
o 3
Click Uninstall.” Click “Yes” to confirm your decision. Allow the uninstall to finish and close out of the “Add/Remove Programs” utility when finished.
o 4
Launch Internet Explorer. Click the “Tools” menu and select “Manage Add-ons.” Select “iMesh Toolbar” and click “Remove.”
If you use Mozilla Firefox, click the “Firefox” menu and select “Add-ons.” Click the “Extensions” tab and select “iMesh Toolbar.” Click “Uninstall” or “Remove” and allow the process to finish. Restart your Web browser.

Tips & Warnings
• If you are no longer using the iMesh software, remove it with “Add/Remove Programs,” selecting “iMesh” instead of “iMesh Bar.”
1. Disable File Sharing
o 1
Launch iMesh on your computer.
o 2
Click “Search” in the left pane and then click “Options” at the top of the Window.
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o 3
Click “Security,” check the box next to “Don’t Share Files On This Computer” and click “OK.”
2. Disable iMesh
o 4
Click “Start,” type “msconfig” into the search field and press “Enter” to open the System Configuration window.
o 5
Click the “Startup” tab.
o 6
Uncheck the box next to “iMesh.”
o 7
Click “Apply” and “OK.”
o 8
Restart your computer.

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  1. Why is it difficult to register an imesh accout in nigeria. Av been trying dis step 4 some years now but cant get through wit it & is making it difficult 4 me 2 complete d imesh registration process

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