If you are not 4rm Anambra, U didn’t marry 4rm Anambra, U don’t have an in law 4rm Anambra,Urmaternal home is not in Anambra, my dear you dey miss plenty goodies! CHECKOUT WAT GOD HAS GIVEN TODISGREATSTATE. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe…..1st President Of Nigeria, Chief Alex Ekwueme…1st Vice President Of Nigeria, Nwafor Orizu….1st Senate President Of Nigeria, Chief Emeka Anyaoku…….1st Nigerian Common Wealth Secretary General, Prof. Kenneth Dike……1st Nigerian Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stella Chinwe Okunna…..1st Female Prof in Mass Communication, Chike Obi………1st man to solve mathematics without Calculator, Phillip Emeagwali aka Bill Gate of Africa (world computer wizard)……, Chinua Achebe…….The most rated black man Writer, Chinwe Chukwuogo……1st Female Artist to draw Queen Elizabeth 11, Chi Amanda Ngoziadichie…….She won award on what she wrote about Common Wealth,  Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu…….1st University Graduate Army Officer in Nigeria, Gen. Chikadibia Obiakor……..1st Nigerian to become the UN Assistant Security General, Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu………1st West African Millionaire and 1st Nigerian to build a house at Ikoyi, 1st African to lend car to convey Queen of England, He brought in Stock Exchange to Nigeria. Coscharis……1st Nigerian to bring in Car Assembling Plant,  Innoson….1st Nigerian to have Full Car Manufacturing Plant in Nigeria,  Onitsha Main Market….The Largest Market in West African, Nkwo Nnewi aka Japan of Africa….1st place to Assemble and Manufacture motorcycles in Nigeria, Ogbunike Cave….the largest cave in West Africa, Godwin Achebe…1st Captain for National Team and the Longest Captain for 13yrs, Col Ifeanyi Ifeajuna….1st person to win gold medal for Nigeria at International Competition, Father Cyprain Iwene Tansi…1st Nigerian to become a Saint, Cardinal Francis Arinze….1st black man that nearly become a Pope, Anambra State….1st State to Kidnap a sitting Governor Gov, Peter Obi.. 1st Governor to get tenure interpretation inNigeria. Dame Virgy Etiaba ….the 1st female state Executive Governor inNigeria, LONG LIVE ANAMBRA STATE, LONG LIVE NIGERIA! Anambra kwezuenu ooooo!


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