About Us is focused primarily on offering online football betting products and services to the African market. Our philosophy is to grow our business through seeking to deliver to our customers the best overall experience in the bookmaking market.
Why Choose
Our policy is to always offer you the most competitive odds for every event. That means you are sure to win more if you place your bets with SaharaBet bookmakers.
In, all events are settled within minutes of their conclusion and winning accounts are credited automatically.
With, we guarantee that your account funding and withdrawals are dealt with by our staff within the minimum time possible. Our Customer Services Department is always available for you to help answer your questions and resolve your issues as quickly, politely and efficiently as possible.
Simple Steps To Using
• 1. Register with us and get a free SaharaBet account.
• 2. Fund your SaharaBet account by depositing cash into any of our designated bank accounts.
• 3. We credit your SaharaBet account with the amount deposited.
• 4. Use the amount in your SaharaBet account with us to start betting on your favourite teams.
• 5. Withdraw funds from your SaharaBet account anytime you wish.
• 6. We pay the withdrawn fund into your designated bank account.
How To Register
To open a new SaharaBet account, click on “Register a new account” and fill the form with your correct details.
Use a valid email as a verification code will be sent to your email immediately after registration. Your registration can only be completed after verification of your email.
You are required to confirm that you are not below the age of 18 years and have read and accepted all the rules and regulations of SaharaBet.
After registration and verification of your email, login to your account area using your username and password.

Members’ Account Area
• View Events
Shows all the matches that are available for bet placement.
• Bet History
Shows a history of all betting activities and their status. History records older than 30 days are recycled.
• Add Funds
Use this to add funds to your account. You first have to make a bank deposit before filling the form.
• Withdraw Funds
Use this to withdraw funds from your SaharaBet account into your bank account.
• Transaction History
Shows a history of all debit and credit activities that take place on your SaharaBet account.
• Change Password
Use this to change the password to your SaharaBet account.
• View Bank Accounts
A list of your bank accounts that you can use to request for withdrawals.
• Add Bank Account
Use this to add a bank account that you can use to request for withdrawals. All bank accounts should bear the name in your profile.
• Logout
Always remember to logout your account before leaving the website.

How To Place Bets
If you have funds in your account, go to “view events” to get the matches available for betting. This is also displayed in the home page.The home team is listed first and the time displayed is the local (Nigerian) time for the kick-off of the event. Bets are accepted until the displayed kick-off time.
Each event is associated with specific odds for the three possible outcomes i.e 1(home win) or X(draw) or 2(away win). You are expected to choose one of these three possible outcomes. Note that In SaharaBet, you do not need to get the exact scores of the matches.
These odds (a number) enable you to know your potential winnings if your bet is successful. The more uncertain the outcome is, the higher the odds will be, conversely the more the outcome is probable, the lower the odds. When you multiply the amount staked for a bet by its odds, you get the potential winnings for that bet.
You can place either single or combined bets.
Single bet is a bet in which it is required to predict the outcome of only one match. You can make the single bet on any match. The winning amount is calculated by multiplication of the odd with the amount staked.
Combined bet is a bet in which it is required to predict the outcomes of more than one match simultaneously. If even one match in the combined bet is predicted incorrectly, the whole bet is considered to be lost. It is possible to combine in one combined bet matches from various leagues. The odds of a combined bet are calculated as the product of the odds of all of the events included in the bet. The winnings of the combined bet are equal to the stake of the bet multiplied by the odds of the combined bet.
After choosing your match(es) and the outcomes, go to the bottom of the page to select the bet type i.e. “single” or “combined”. After selecting the bet type, click on “Proceed To Slip”. You will see a Bet Slip where you put the amount you want to stake for each of the singe bets or the combined bet after which you click on “proceed”.
After confirming that all the details of your bet are correct, click on “Place Bet” and your bet would have been placed successfully.
You can always go the the Bet History page to confirm and monitor your bets. You can also click on “Live Scores” at the top of the page to monitor the results of matches played all over the world.

Sahara Bet Rules and Regulations
The following are the rules and regulations governing the operations of and the conduct of its members. Please read them carefully before opening an account. These rules are effective from November 1, 2009.
1. No one under the age of 18 years is permitted to open an account and bet at
2. By opening an account, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these rules and regulations.
3. By placing a bet, the account holder signifies the accuracy of his/her account balance and other transaction details at the time.
3(i). The minimum amount you can stake is 100 Naira and the maximum is 20000 Naira.
4. All bets are accepted in accordance to a list of events with the odds and winning coefficients established by SaharaBet bookmakers.
5. The odds can be changed by SaharaBet bookmakers before the start of the match but every bet placed remains intact with the odd at the time of placing the bet. Members should take note of the prevailing odds before placing a bet.
6. Results for all matches are based on the 90 minutes of normal play. Extra time and penalty shootouts do not count.
7. SaharaBet bookmakers reserve the right to cancel any event before, during or after the match. All bets placed on cancelled events are returned immediately to the members’ accounts.
8. If any event is cancelled in a combined bet, the entire bet is cancelled and all stakes returned to the members’ accounts.
9. The bets after registration on the server, and the member getting a bet acceptance message, cannot be changed or cancelled. All communication failures are not a reason for cancelling of bets, if the bet was registered on the server.
10. A member can only make bets to the extent of funds in his/her account. When the bet has been made and registered, the sum of the bets stakes will be deducted from the member’s account. After the bet calculation, all winnings are added to the member’s balance.

11. The minimum amount allowed for any deposit into our accounts is 1000 Naira and the maximum allowed per deposit is 200000 Naira.
12. The minimum amount allowed per withdrawal by members is 1000 Naira and the maximum allowed is 200000 Naira for one withdrawal.
13. SaharaBet account facilities are provided to members solely to enable them to place bets and should not be used as a banking facility. Withdrawal requests from members without commensurate betting activity in the account will be rejected. All members are entitled to one withdrawal from their accounts per week. We reserve the right to decline multiple withdrawals within a week.
14. To protect members’ accounts from fraud, we will never pay withdrawals into another account name different from the name in member’s profile. So make sure to provide your correct details when registering a new account.
15. SaharaBet reserves the right to suspend or cancel the account of any member on suspicion of fraud.
16. You can only combine up to 10 matches for a combined bet.
17. You can have just one Saharabet account, having more than one account would lead to termination of all your accounts with little or no possibilities of using Saharabet in the future.
Bet Rules | Privacy Policy | Frequently
Contact Page
Contact Address: 13 Joseph Close, Woji Estate, Port Harcourt.
Tel: 08053717833, 08096974542

Saharabet News Board
Beware of Fake Promo
Dear Esteemed Members, it has come to our notice that some members have been receiving phone calls and text messages (especially from 08091589781) purportedly to come from Saharabet management that they have won a car or some other prizes in a phantom promo. We wish to inform you that those correspondences are not from Saharabet management and we believe that they are being sent with intent to defraud our members. Our telephone numbers and email addresses, as displayed in our websites, are always available for you to confirm any correspondence that claim to come from us. Please, be vigilant and cautious.
Posted by Admin at 2012-04-07 16:16:05.
Fund Your Account with First Bank
Dear esteemed members, we are pleased to inform you that we have made available our First Bank account to you to make it even easier and more convenient to fund your accounts. Please, click on \”Add Funds\” for the account details. Note that the other accounts at Diamond bank and Ecobank are still available for funding. You can use any of the three banks that is most convenient to you.
Posted by Admin at 2012-02-23 22:20:45.
Happy New Year!
We wish to thank all our 6824 members for their patronage and support in 2011. We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2012. We are pleased to inform you that, in the next few weeks, you will witness the birth of a new website that will integrate the Top12 Game and Special Events into one In our usual tradition, we are offering you a new year bonus of 10% on all deposits in the first three weeks of the year, subject to the normal conditions on referral bonus. Once again, we wish you all A Happy New Year!
Posted by Admin at 2012-01-01 01:05:41.

Minimum Stake now 100 Naira
With effect from 15-12-2011, the minimum stake for all bets will be 100 Naira and the maximum stake will be 50,000 Naira. Members should please take note of this change.
Posted by Admin at 2011-12-04 23:08:56.
Earn More with Referrals
Members can now earn bonus and commission for life by referring people to All you need to do is to make sure that the new members you have introduced to the site enter your username as referrer when registering and experience unlimited earnings for life. For more details, click on Referrals in the header above.
Posted by Admin at 2011-12-03 10:01:10.

Referral Programme
Saharabet referral programme is a unique system designed to reward members who introduce other members to the site. You can actually earn money for life with this programme. Every new member is mandated to provide a referrer while registering. If you do not have a referrer, use saharabet as your referrer.
A referrer will get a bonus of 10% of THE FIRST deposit from their referrals. This amount is paid by Saharabet and is not deducted from the deposit of the member. In addition, when a member wins a bet, a commission of 5% of his profit is paid to the referrer.
The profit from a bet is calculated as the winning amount less the stake. For example, if a member wins a bet of 3.0 odd with a stake of 1000 naira, his winning will be 3000 naira but the profit from the bet is 2000 naira. In this case, 100 naira commission will be paid to the referrer and the member will be credited with 2900 naira.
While the 5% commission is done automatically by the system and is the right of the referrer, the 10% bonus from the first deposits is a priviledge and can be withdrawn in suspected cases of round tripping. The maximum bonus that can be earned per deposit is 500 naira while there is no limit to the amount that can be earned on a winning commission. Unlike other referral programmes, the amount earned by members from bonus and commission payments can be withdrawn even if the member did not bet with it.
If you need promotional materials like flyers and stickers to be sent to you to boost your referral earnings, send your mailing address to If a student, please indicate your school and department.
So, what are you waiting for? Start referring today and earn commission for life!

Dear friend,
My name is valentine c. uwakwe.
I am the director of operations, hyattractions system base in Port Harcourt-Rivers state, Nigeria. I discovered and developed this system. You maybe in any of the online betting platforms like nairabet, 9japredict, bet365, nairastake, betwin, 1960bet etc. then be ready to make money daily and change your fortunes. With this system, you are sure to make atleast 15,000 NGN from just five or four accumulated matches in your soccer bets, be it away or home matches win. This system is an easy and simple process.
You can do online soccer betting either as a part-time or fulltime business. If you are already employed, you only need one or two hours on the system every day. You can do it either during your normal working hours or after closing from work. If you are not presently employed, you have gotten yourself a full time job and business. If you are already in business, thank God because it is an opportunity to make extra money without much efforts and expenses, monthly. It is an avenue to make money and expand your business. You must have won some amounts from your online bets, but have you check how much you have lost of lately, and you keep losing daily. Now is your chance to stop that strings of lost bets into smiling bank account with just a little efforts on your part.
The system is easy and simple. The major things you require in order to dive into this pot of glory include;
1. Register with any good online soccer betting sites that offer good odds and fund your account. (Call me 08033559733 for more inset on the one to choose from).
2. Have an access to the computer, be it at the cybercafé or your own personal one.
3. Have an access to the internet in terms of connectivity daily.
4. Accumulate matches and place your bets.

With this system, you enjoy the following benefits……
(a). you make atleast 15,000 daily
(b). you determine how much you want to make daily and you will surely get it.
(c). money pours into your account immediately your bet matches are won.

Read some of the testimonials from those that are using this system;
I am so grateful to a friend who introduces me to Mr. Valentine and today am making it through soccer betting. With this system am sure of predicting atleast four sure soccer matches which I place bets upon daily. Thank you valentine.
Francis okene

When I heard about soccer betting, I was eager to learn it and make money for myself as am still a student. However my friends discourage me and said it’s a man’s thing. Nevertheless I went ahead, order for the e-manual from valentine and within the first weeks I hit 32,000 from it. Since then I have been making daily income from it.
Nnenna Njoku

I just graduated from uniport and was anxious to do something and make money for myself while waiting for my service year. I saw the soccer betting advert and just decided to give it a trial. To my greatest surprise, what I learnt from it prove to be real. I now make money from it and I began to hate myself for not knowing of this piece of information for long now.
Otito wonodi

COST: How much will it cost you to learn this system? Not much. There will be no need attending workshops and seminars as this system provides a simple way and a do-it-yourself process to enable you start using it immediately. For the simple reason of empowering Nigerians especially the youths to be self made, I have kept this price very low. The e-manual will cost you two thousand five hundred naira only (2,500), and it will be delivered into your email box. This price offer is limited for a short time. It shall be increase without notice.

BENEFITS: When you order and pay for this soccer betting manual you will get the following benefits;
1. I will show and help you register with a soccer betting site that offers one of the best odds around.
2. I will mentor you via phone calls on sure matches to place your bets for a period of two week ends.
3. You will receive from me daily soccer matches you can be sure to place bets without any losses for a period of 30 days!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; if after purchasing this e-manual that teaches you the simple tricks in soccer bettings and how to make money from it daily and you fail to make your first thousands within a month, please ask for a full refund of your money.

TO ORDER: Make your payment to any branch of intercontinental bank here in Nigeria to;

(a) Account Name; Valentine C. Uwakwe
(b) Account Number: 1019919658
(c) Bank Name: Access Bank
Please notify me of your payment via SMS to 08033559733 or by e-mail to, stating your name, phone number, amount paid, teller no and e-mail address. Delivery will be made minutes after the confirmation of your payment. Winners concentrate on winning, losers concentrate on getting by. So remember that football games are generally won by the boys with the greatest desire. Make the right decision by purchasing this E-manual that will teach you how to select and place sure soccer games of higher odds. What is 2,500 NGN compare to what you will benefit from the strategies that are found in these e-manual for you to use and make at least 15,000NGN daily. Watch you beat the book makers and earn daily income. Your life will never be the same again. Your financial destiny is now in your hands. Make that decision now!
Yours sincerely,
Valentine c. uwakwe


4 responses

  1. Mr Valentine I don’t understand you. You claim to have made serious money with your system and promise to make another person the same. If this were the case why bother to charge a measel 2500 for the info,I mean its obvious you don’t need it,and its not costing you a thing to send,give it out for free and help another person!

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