The following are the list of officiating officials in a swimming sport;
The Referee is for overseeing and administering the event. He will verify decisions made by fellow judges and will make a final ruling if an appeal has been made.
The starter is responsible for starting the race and is in charge of the swimmers once the Referee has given him instructions to begin the race.
There are 8 timers one for each swimmer. They record the time for the swimmer who is swimming in the lane they are in charge of.
Chief Timer
He verifies the electronically recorded times, after he has checked with the timers.
Finish Judge
He decides and reports on what positions the swimmers finished in.
Stroke Judges
There are 4 stroke judges and they watch the swimmers to verify that the swimmers are performing the stroke in a legal manner.
Turn Judges
They verify that the swimmer has made a legal turn.

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