http://www.online tutoring & learning is a process by which an individual is being interacted with computer and at the same time instructed or directed by computer also. Accordingly http://www.online tutoring & learning is said to be personalized instruction in our centers, sylvan also offers live online tutoring for students. Also brainfuse online learning & tutoring is the complete learning system in which unique set of service designed to support wide range of learning by needing expert tutoring, self-study and collaborative learning.


1. It allowed individuals to find out fast by themselves through interaction with the computer.
2. Online instructors are highly trained and state certified
3. Online tutoring allow students to ask question and get instant answer
4. Online tutoring capture the student attention
5. It make student to be creative within themselves.


1. Now tutoring session can be set up at any hour that is convinent for the student and the tutor.
2. Online tutoring makes it easy for students to be running a tutoring session at the same time and it will be somewhere else.
3. Online tutoring session are also typically secure programs and also encourages parental contact with the students
4. It allow communication to be a face-to-face interaction
5. It help students to be computeralised and electronic oriented, and also make students to retain more information.

With the use of online tutoring, students can be able to learn individually in order to access the student capacity of knowledge of a particular child. Online tutoring is very necessary in the process of tutor learning because it makes students to be creative with the use of online materials. Thus, with the use of online tutoring, it makes the learning environment more condusive to the learner.


www. Learn tob.org

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