My name is UWAKWE FLORENCE, am a final year student of the faculty of educational management, department of political sciences. I hail from Imo state, Nigeria. Am 25years old. I am the 6th child and the 2nd daughter out of 10 children. My parent died in 1999 and 2002 respectively. My family background and foundation are very poor, to the extent that all my siblings dropped out from their schools due to financial difficulties. I am the only one striving to be educated with the motive that after my graduation and a better job I will sponsor and train my younger siblings. As a result of this, I have enroll in all kinds of petty little jobs since my entry into school in order to meet up to my school fees demands. But presently I do engage in hawking (trading of fairly used clothes) on the streets after my school hours.
I choose to read education/political science in order to become useful in life but the following reasons also attributed my desires;
1. I want to be a teacher. When my mother was alive, she used to tell me that a teacher is a role model, an ambassador, guidance and councilor, a psychologist, a mother or a father of all nations. She also told me that education is the mother of all faculties. So as a child hearing all this from my mother, I was moved and so picked so much interest in education.
2. I want to belong to the class of political scientists in any society I found myself especially here in Nigeria by contributing positively to its political development. I don’t like speculations, I like to be sure of what I hear, say or see on political, social and economic inputs of any society.
I want to be a beneficiary of the scholarship in order to meet up to the growing demands of my final years educational cost. During my pre-degree and fresher degree 100 level programmes in 2008 and 2009 respectively I passed through hell in order to pay those years’ school fees. Even from my 200level till date I have not been able to pay my school fees. if I could still hold on during my primary and secondary school days and not drop out from school, then why now. it would really hunt me and break my heart if I may drop out from school due to inability to pay my school fees at this final stage of my schooling in the university of portharcourt.with my present stance as an undergraduate, I have raise the hopes of my siblings and younger ones, I don’t want to fail them. Please consider me favorable to be awarded this scholarship as it would go along way to touch the lives of others after me who now look on to me a sign that one day and through my help to them they will all go to school. May God continue to bless wells mountain foundations.

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