I wish to continue my story from where we stopped from the last edition. it
is so trilling when we see how far valentine uwakwe have been in the life’s of women and their positive and negative impact on my development in life. Despite the countless numbers you will see here, ms Florence Nnenna Njoku have, still and will always command and play a leading role in my life.
I My first childhood friend was Jeralding Esozie,a brilliant pupil who studied Agricultural science at the university of ilorin and as of 2009 has return back to the same school to pursue another degree course. Of all my female friends, she is the most brilliant. I wish her all the best and still respect her. The list starts rolling and it’s endless. I still remember Mayen Monday, Oladewa Oluwakemi, Helen Samuel Asaba, Peace Lucky Keeper, Lucy Chidinma Adieme, Anthonia Adanma Amaechi, Irene Ekene Igwebike, Anthonia Obioha, Nkiru Beatrice, Corper Onyinye, Oghenemase Alexandria, Deborah Nwanedo, Essien Thompson Blessing, Susan Brown, Adaobi Matilda Okoye, and Florence Nnenna Njoku
The most intriguing aspect was my 2004-2008 years in school when four of these female friends change my life and maybe alter my developmental strides. I would mention their names as Angels who took me up, down and high again. They are Helen Samuel Asaba, Susan Brown, Peace Lucky Keeper and the ‘wave of the moment’ Florence Nnenna Njoku. The two of my longest held relationships was that of Helen Samuel Asaba and Florence Nnenna Njoku whom I dated from 2004-2007 and 2008 till date. My only possible regrets was Helen Samuel Asaba whom I so much loved and invested until she played a scam on me and before I could realize what was happening she got married without letting me know.
I however thank the creator for sending Florence Njoku to me, she came at the right time in my life and ever since I have not look back in life development. After realizing my follies which I termed mistakes and experiences in life, we joined forces together and made a make in our respective lives. the following date of October 28, November 28, 2007, January 26 2009, august 10, 2009, December 4 2009, July, September and December 2010,January, march, April, sept, December 2011 and January 9, 2012 would forever remain memorable in our life. I have known so many girls but she still stands our as the most valuable and the best.


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