Making money online is a goal that many people share but only a
small percentage achieve. It’s certainly not an easy task when
you’re just starting out. It requires a certain degree of knowledge
and determination to succeed.

There are a number of skills which you’ll need to learn if you want
to be really successful. And by that I mean making enough money to
replace your current income. If you’re not too ambitious and you
just want to supplement your existing wage with a little bit of
extra money, it shouldn’t be too difficult. There are easy ways to
do this and you can always scale up your efforts to increase your
income if things go according to plan.

But first you need to understand the basic methods of how to make
money using the internet. Below is a list of ways that are the most
common and established ways to make money online.

In no order of preference these are…

1. Affiliate marketing – a method used to promote other people’s
products and services from which you can make a commission when
your marketing efforts lead to a sale or a sales lead. Making money
as an online affiliate can be as simple as placing a link on a
website that contains your affiliate code. But more likely it will
involve you recommending a product or service, either through a
written article or some form of advice that people will find useful.

2. Google AdSense – this method will enable you to earn money from
sponsored adverts. It’s a method that requires you to have a
website or blog with a regular flow of visitors, and provides
useful information on a specific subject. Certain topics will
provide better conversion rates than others so it pays to do some
research first. To learn more about how Google AdSense works study
the related articles in the column to your right.

3. Email marketing – email marketing is a method that requires a
lot of groundwork to be successful. It can be very powerful in
generating sales under the right circumstances. But it’s also
fraught with risks if not used correctly.

4. Online Network marketing – if you like dealing with people and
prefer the idea of building a business slowly that can provide a
long term income, network marketing might just be your thing.
Choosing the right business to deal with is essential though.

5. Membership sites – the profit potential from setting up and
running a membership site can be enormous. But this will largely
depend on what type of specialised information you can provide

6. Digital product sales – this is where experienced internet
marketing experts can really make a killing. Many have gone on to
reach millionaire status simply by creating their own digital
products and selling them through their own email lists. Or
partnering with other successful marketers with large lists of
potential buyers. They also use affiliates to promote and sell
their products for them which can be a very profitable experience
for both parties involved, especially for the product creator.

7. eCommerce website – a large percentage of business online is
conducted through ecommerce websites. If you’re serious about
building a solid business with real potential growth, establishing
a notable brand and setting up an ecommerce site selling products
that people are wanting to buy, can go a long way to building a
very successful business. A business that could possibly be sold
for a very tidy sum once it’s well established.

8. ebay selling – selling goods on ebay is something that anyone
with an ebay account can use to make some money. You may not
necessarily make much of a profit, but it’s a surefire way to
pocket some money if your items sell. But ebay gives you the
opportunity to do more than just sell a few unwanted things lying
around the house. If you want to learn how to make money on the
internet in other ways, selling on ebay can help you learn and
develop a few of the essential skills you’ll need to become a good
internet marketer.

Anyone who can learn the basic skills required to create an income
using one or more of the methods outlined above will soon be able
to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist to make
money online.


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  1. Your blog though well written does not provide very much in terms of information. To make this really worthwhile and useful you need to provide practical steps and guides on how to go about this things. You do know that many of the areas you highlighted presents great challenges to Nigerians generally. How best can they tackle these challenges legally and what areas can they focus on in terms of ability to engage in it. That is what you should be emphasising. This to me looks like something recycled.

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