You are now at examinations’ door. Your success is my deepest concern and earnest prayer. This article will guide you towards the steps, preparations and other process to achieve absolute success in your forth coming examination. I spiritually share your with you all the burdens, tensions, anxieties, pressures, uncertainties, as well as the hopes and hidden joys of this decisive period.
You know very well that we cannot simply by reflex action tune the knob to the success channel, and then watch success emerge in its gorgeous regalia and splendour. Success is strenuously earned. Success inevitably demands concerted efforts, but the bulk of which rests on your shoulders.
In addition to my sincere prayer for your health and the unity of your mind and body in this critical period and after, here are some tips for your success. Please read them. Reflect on them. Act on them. Live on them. Then you will safely pull through.
According to William A.ward, “men never plan to be failures; they simply plan to be successful”. In your own case, I ‘m quite sure that all your plans and preparations are geared towards success. Again, no one will doubt it, that your entire whole person is motioned towards the route to success. But as bondixiline says, “the road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces”. Where proper care and guidance are not taken, one filled with noble intention and determination to succeed may fall into any of the ‘tempting parking space”. In effect, all the efforts will be vitiated. That you may completely avoid this sorrowful consequence, it is necessary that you prepare very well for your examinations. How will you do this? The following recipes are the answer. And they are my expectations of you:
1. It is hope that you have updated and completed your notes, and that you have properly arranged your files, putting each note to the appropriate file.
2. By now you might have spotted out some possible examination questions and have taken pains to answer them intelligently, and given to your colleagues to correct.
3. I hope you have committed important passages (irrespective of the volume), quotations, formulas, and mnemonics to your memory. Please rehearse and demonstrate them frequently.
4. Let no idea remain vague in your mind. Frequently consult your reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias.
5. Appreciate the fact that the authors of your books sacrificed time, energy, company, and pleasure etc before they could produce their books. You, who now attempt to read, understand and interpret the texts may double the sacrifices of the authors. Don’t shirt this sacrifice. Remember the words of Ben Johnson, “he who cares to write a must living line, must sweat”.
6. Remember again that serious academic work is compatible neither with flooded stomach nor with an empty one. But I must remind you in the words of umeayo v. umeayo that, “fasting quickens your mental processes and sharpens all the senses”. Let me add that physical exercise do the same in addition to keeping you healthy. But play while you play, work while you work.
7. In the course of your preparations for your examinations, you need not assume that the top position had already been assumed to some gifted or favoured colleagues of yours. Hence, there is no point straining yourself. But understand fully that success is a matter not so much of talent as of concentration and perseverance. With F.N. Njoku, I ask you to remember that, “successful people are not gifted, they just worked hard and then succeed on purpose”. Please, do not be of the poor and lazy group who despair and fail before going in for their examinations. Be optimistic and goal-oriented. If you live the foregoing, you will be best equipped to face the questions. However a few other things need to be said and done.
1. There would be no need to burn the midnight oil if you had conscientiously attended the lectures and utilized every bit of the preparation period. Your health is primary.
2. You shall be seated and relaxed in the examination hall. The examiners shall not wait for you nor should you race to the hall in the nick of time.
3. In the course of your examinations, be not discouraged by any mistakes, unanswered compulsory questions, and overlooked sub-sections. Whichever may be your lot here, with Paul, I say to you, “forget the past and strain ahead for what is still to come, (phil.3:13).
All wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and all good things comes from God alone. In him alone resides all true success. Pray to him then to bring your path and purpose to their end. God gives us brains, reason, intellect and will-power; we must seek knowledge and acquire it. Therefore, always energize and motivate yourself with this assurance of Paul: I can do all things with the help of him, who strengthens me, (phil.4:13).
Having obediently made the necessary sacrifices, adequate preparations demand you comport yourself with honesty, dedication and hope during your examination with all union in God. Your success will safely fly from the realm of wishes to the world of reality. Then we will jubilantly convene and celebrate with you.