In many lands the search for unemployment presents serious obstacles. For examples, each year a tidal wave of high-school and college graduates floods the job market. In addition, having a degree or specialized training is no guarantee that one will find work in a chosen profession. Thus it is now quite common for people to change jobs several times during their working life. Some even have to change careers entirely.
If you find yourself unemployed, what can you do to improve your chances of finding work? And once you find a job, what can you do to keep it?
Who obtain the best job? Is it always the most qualified applicant? “No,” says valentine, an employment consultant. “The job often goes to the most effective job seeker.” What can you do to become a more effective job seeker? These are five keys to finding a job.

1. Be organized.
To be able to get a good job, one needs to be highly organized and disciplined. Set out your daily target and plan your strategies accurately. “it is crucial that you establish your own workday schedule so that you start your day knowing what is to be done,” suggests the book get a job in 30 days or less.
2. Access the hidden job market.
The fisherman with the largest net is the one with the most likely to catch fish. So, too, your knowing how to increase the size of your “net” will improve your chances of landing a job. If you are looking for a job only by responding to newspaper or internet advertisements, then the majority of the available jobs may be slipping past your net. A good number of jobs are never advertised! Talk to friends and people you know about your unemployed situation.
3. Be adaptable.
To increase your chances of finding a good job, you must be adaptable. Being adaptable may mean overcoming prejudice against certain types of work
4. Produce an effective resume.
For those applying for executive positions, compiling and distributing a professional resume is a must. But no matter what job you seek, a well-prepared resume can be a great asset. “a resume tells potential employer not only who you are but also what you have accomplished and why they need you,”
How do you compile a resume? Provide your full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. State your objectives. List the education you have received, highlighting any training and skill that relate to the job you are seeking. Provide details of previous work experience. Include not only what you did but also examples of the goals you reached and the benefits you brought to your previous employers. Also highlight aspects of your previous employment that qualify you for the job you are currently seeking. Include personal information that describes your qualities, interest, and hobbies. Because companies needs differ, you may have to adjust your resume for each application.
5. Prepare well for interviews.
It is important you prepare well for your interviews and the first step in achieving this feat is by arriving at the interview site earlier enough.

Once you have secured that dream job, it’s necessary you apply certain steps in order to keep it. They can be outline below. So apply them, fulfill your career and live life the fullest.
A. communicate freely
B. work well with others
C. be honest
D. be realistic
This simple ways have work for millions that have read this piece of article and you too can benefit from it!

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